Webinar for Women Educators on The Theme of ‘Move Up’

Training landscape

Do we really pay attention to educating our educators? Our client, an interactive online tutoring platform, wanted to put some serious thought into this question.

women educator

And with International Women’s Day as the focus of the month, this was the perfect time for our all-time favorite theme of ‘Women Supporting Women’.

Shradha HRD solution

We ran a webinar for 1500 Women educators on the theme of ‘Move Up’, which is all about helping women break their self-imposed constraints and boundaries, brand themselves more effectively and stand up to be counted.

Program feedback

The feedback for the session came through a rather interesting route. A colleague has a daughter who takes classes with the same company. She logged into her regular session 10 minutes late and apologized for the delay. Our colleague asked, “You were attending the Move Up program?”. She explained she knew about the program because her company, Shradha HRD was conducting the webinar. The educator said, “Ma’am I just could not leave the session, it was so good!!!

Comments like these lend more meaning to our work.