A simple test to measure your emotional intelligence

#Selfawareness is the first step to emotionally intelligent behavior.

How self-aware are you?

Do you use the same words to describe your #emotions, most times?

If you have had a#difficultconversation, would you describe your current state of mind as “being upset”?

My teenage daughter uses the same word -“upset”, to describe several emotions. Angry, disappointed, frustrated and fearful would all be categorized as “I’m upset”.

We now sit together and delve further to discover what “upset”really means. We are now making some progress, where she has begun a journey to become more aware of her emotions& label them more accurately

This capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them is what is known as #emotionalIntelligence. Research shows that only 36 % of people have the words to do this.

Research has also shown, the first step to dealing with emotions is to accurately identify them.

Step out of your skin & reflect on what you are feeling. If can view your emotions during a heated conversation and say “aaah…I can feel myself getting angry again”, it will immediately calm you down. It takes a little introspection and practice but gets better with time.

Try really works!!!