Are you ready for the New Normal?

One of the Key Themes of the Webinar “Attitude for Altitude” that we recently conducted was: How do you” Change Proof your Career”?

The Solution is really to enhance your “Go To” Skills.

What are your “Go To” skills?

If you are sitting in a job interview and you are asked to quantify what you bring to the table; your answer will largely be around your “Go To” skills.

Why is it Critical to Build “Go To” Skills Today?

Change is the only Constant. The Post pandemic economy will affect the employment landscape tremendously. The Pace of Change is only set to quicken in the immediate future.

It is very likely that we will see a definitive shift towards a Work from Home culture. This will result in many categories of jobs becoming redundant & many being lost.

A preventive and long term solution would be Up- Skilling and Re- Skilling yourself & mentoring team members do the same. In order to remain relevant, employers and employees need to identify skills that will be essential to function in the new normal.

At Individuals & at an Organization level, I personally would look at this as a Growth Opportunity as opposed to a negative Change. It will require everyone to make that stretch but I do feel it will be well worth the effort, given the current situation.

If we look at the Macro picture, the current scenario isn’t necessarily bleak. If we play our cards right, the Pandemic could turn out to be a huge opportunity for the Indian economy. US, Japan and South Korea among other countries are relocating businesses out of China, which was so far the factory of the world. India, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries are preferred hubs. This would be the perfect time for India to leverage its demographic dividend and approach the lockdown and post lockdown period with hope and optimism.

At a Country level, this would again require a huge stretch. Our “Go To” skills would need to to be enhanced: put processes in place to make the eco system more “Business Friendly”, Deliver Quality & Productivity and have the necessary skilled manpower in place to deliver.

This calls for an integrated approach, where Stakeholders in the economy should collectively devise a strategy to promote life long learning.

We are clearly at a juncture; how we respond NOW will determine our direction, as individuals, at an organization level and as a country.