Why are Women managers and leaders told to be more like Men?

Taiwan, Iceland, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark currently have 2 things in common: a woman Head of State & an outstanding response to the pandemic.

1. Angela Merkel-Germany: stood up early & told her countrymen that this was a serious bug that would infect up to 70% of the population.

2. Tsai Ing-wen-Taiwan. In Jan 2020 she introduced 124 measures to block the spread without having to resort to lockdowns

3. Jacinda Ardern-New Zealand: imposed self-isolation on people entering New Zealand, when there were just 6 cases in the whole country&banned foreigners from entering soon after

4. KatrínJakobsdóttir-Iceland: offered free corona virus testing and instituted a thorough tracking system that means they haven’t had to lock down or shut schools.

5. Sanna Marin-Finland: world’s youngest head of state elected. She used social media influencers as key agents in battling the coronavirus crisis.

6. Erna Solberg-Norway: used television to talk directly to children. She held a dedicated press conference & responded to kids’ questions, taking time to explain why it was OK to feel scared.

Women are told to behave more like their male counterparts to be effective leaders. I feel by being authentic & playing to their strength, these women leaders have come out ahead and been trailblazers.

A powerful lesson for us !!!