Because You deserve it?

Why do 85% Indian Women miss out on raises, promotions? Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook said that women are unlikely to get to CXO level positions. The reason she gave, took my breath away; ITS BECAUSE THEY DON’T ASK FOR IT!!!

Seryl spoke of an interesting incident while she was at college that explained this phenomenon. Sheryl, her friend Carry (research scholar) and her brother (sportsman) took a class on European Intellectual History. The girls read all the books and attended most lectures, while her brother hardly attended any classes and read 1 book. 3 days before the exam he walked upto the 2 ladies and asked for help.

Walking out of the exam, Sheryl and Carry were stressed about the finer points they had left out in the exam and her brother said..”I got top grade”; this is without knowing about the paper !!!!

Research shows that Women systematically underestimate their abilities.

Even in the US, 57% men will negotiate salaries on their first job and only 7% women. This explains to a large extent why women don’t get the salary hikes, the promotions and the designations they deserve.

To all the beautiful talented women I know….Choose your priorities based on your values. All women don’t need to aspire for the top job…but don’t sell yourself short.