Series on Credibility: Share your knowledge and help out

As they say your behaviour towards someone who is inconsequential in your life depicts your true character and credibility in the eyes of the world at large. The story below highlights the same, how an erstwhile prince, who is also the manager of the existing Indian cricket team is invited to the team selection of a local bank branch. Not only does the prince come he also genuinely gives his recommendations to the players. A mark of a truly great and credible human being…


A local bank branch was trying to form a cricket team. They were a bunch of bank employees who were very keen on competing in the local league. They were looking to select a squad of 15 from about 25-30 other bank employees. Some of the folks had not even held a cricket bat properly and most of them did not even have the proper clothing. The venue was a dustbowl in the Oval maidan in Mumbai .

Now imagine a passionate 21 year old trying to pitch this to the Manager of the Indian cricket team! Yes, he had the nerve (or the foolhardiness) to talk about this and invite the great Hanumant Singh to the Oval. The ex-Indian cricketer, national selector and Manager of the Indian cricket team could politely have declined. He could have dismissed the idea and hardly offended the young man at all.

But the royal prince of Banswara showed up at the ground wearing his navy blue Indian cricket hat, to watch them play with a tennis ball and shoddy attire, for a full hour.

By his actions that day, Singh shared his cricket experience and selectorial abilities. He did not let the tennis-ball cricket, or a dustbowl maidan setting get in the way of sharing his knowledge. His total down-to-earth demeanor enhanced his credibility amongst the branch team.