The 4 Things You Can’t Do On a Video Call

Do we really need to go back to a physical office or is Work from Home the best way going forward???

This was a question that would have been a no brainer before the pandemic hit us. Permanent Work from home was really not an option for most.

The question now is…is permanent #workfromhome the best option?

Like a lot of us, I spent 3 months #workingfromhome and I must say I did enjoy the downtime I got because of no commute.

1. I was able to spend quality time with family & friends (over a video call)

 2. Complete some value add tasks that would not previously have been possible in the office-home-office grind

 3. Enjoy the increased “me” time

However, if this were a permanent state of affairs& I could only communicate with my team over a video call, here’s my take on it:

1. I can’t build “Social Capital” over a video call. The conversation is mostly transactional (There is a reason Face to Face communication is considered the richest medium of communication)

 2. I can’t have informal coaching conversations over a video call. (Formal sessions through a blocked calendar have their utility but conversations over a cup of coffee are priceless)

 3. I can’t reach out and “be there” if someone really needs the help. (In a physical setting its much easier to help someone tide over a particularly difficult phase)

 4. Lastly and possibly most importantly, I can’t replicate the joy of being a part of a team.

 An interesting take on Work from Home:

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