Emotional Quotient central to promotions in Top Management roles

At Shradha HRD, when we look at programs that have had the maximum impact, we see a variety of factors. One that comes up most often is: what are the behaviors that the Organization rewards. If the organization is truly committed to rewarding Emotional Intelligence, the learning interventions have the maximum impact.

A little while ago, at Shradha HRD, we conducted a learning journey for First Time Managers at a Global HR Consulting company. The employee engagement scores showed that team members at the front line level were disengaged with their reporting managers. The intervention started with data for the Managers on how their team members perceived them. That was a little bit of an eye opener. The intervention was spread over 3 months with periodic touch points.

At the end of the year, when the Employee Engagement Survey was repeated, there was a substantial needle movement on the scores.

To my mind, what worked was the program supported by an Organizational Culture that rewarded Emotional Intelligence.

This article clearly demonstrates that Emotional Intelligence is a competency whose need is just going to grow.