Why are Women referred to as the weaker sex?

This is a story that celebrates Women’s inherent strengths

The lockdown has been difficult for everyone. Women have been particularly impacted by the economic slowdown. Some have been at the receiving end of domestic violence that has been on the rise lately.

I recently came across this story that demonstrates what Women are capable of achieving, if they are given the opportunity.

The heroines of this story are not well educated, nor from affluent backgrounds. They live in the district of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh.

When the lockdown was enforced, many women lost the odd jobs they were doing as labourers. A Self Help Group of 40 women used the time to grow and nurture saplings and now have more than 5 lakh saplings potentially worth Rs. 30 lakhs.

The National Rural Livelihood Mission provided the training but the women utilized the opportunity to create true value.

Villagers that initially laughed at their efforts are now supportive of them.

It is my firm personal belief that Women are already empowered. Most of the time they just need an environment that will allow them to showcase their talents and reach their potential

The guiding principle for our Diversity and Inclusion programs is that Women don’t need to be taught skills to Grow, they just need to be given the space & support to discover their talents.

Who better to provide that support, than Women themselves?

This is a shining example of Women living up to their potential, empowered with support from each other!!!!!

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