Teamwork Series: Together we win

Teamwork is not only about working in cohesion but also being able to think smart and help each other to achieve a win-win for all.


The members of a gathering were given a task to perform. That was to eat laddus given to them. The only condition was that their right hand will be stretched and they have to find some means to eat the sweet without bending their arms.

When the time started to tick, most of them started throwing the laddus in the air and geared up moving towards it with their mouths wide open to catch the prize straight into their mouth. Behold!! As Expected, most of them failed and the laddus fell on the ground.

Just then two individuals who were seeing the complete drama unfolding before them had a spark. Both of them stood face to face before the other; their stretched hands were facing each other’s face; so the laddu of one man was eaten by the other without any difficulty and the other ate from his opponent’s hand.

Don’t you think this was a classic example of “Together we win”?