Taking a cue from Harsha Bhogle.

Taking a cue from #Harsha Bhogle. I was the only girl in my group that actively watched cricket. I went to the Feroze Shah Kotla stadium for my first cricket match when I was 3. I woke up at 4 AM, got ready for school and sat in front of the TV when India won the world series in Australia.

Over the years I have heard Harsha Bhogle’s commentary. After India’s win at Brisbane, I was listening to Harsha again. Something he said, stuck with me and instantly #resonated.

Harsha said “I felt like I was 200 years old and felt the weight of a generation on my shoulders”. I felt like constantly telling the young Indian team “Just Block, Don’t Lose”. The young team did not have any of the baggage that Harsha carried. They had no fear and played without a script. The result was for all of us to see.

#Lesson for me:

As senior managers/leaders, we often impose our views, fears, #mindconditioning on the younger members of the team. The intent is to guide but the result is curtailing natural instincts and enthusiasm.

Youth brings fresh thought, exuberance, enthusiasm that needs to be #channelized, not curtailed.