Why do Good Managers have biases?

Why do managers have #favorites? To find the answer to this question, ask yourself a completely unrelated question: who are the people closest to you? Are they #similar to you or completely different? 9 times out of 10, we are closest to people that are like us: in demographics, outlook and often even behavior patterns.

As managers we display the same behaviors. We gravitate towards people that are like us and away from people that are different from us. There is a bias “towards” some team members and a bias “against” some team members. Sometimes this is a #consciousbias and sometimes it is happens, even without our knowing it: #unconsciousbias.

#Biases were possibly created when #primitiveman was in the jungles. His tribe were people that were #like him and were to be trusted. The others were not to be trusted and kept at a distance. This was necessary at that time, for survival.

Our survival isn’t at stake,however we have retained the same behavior patterns!!!!

How does one #removebiases?

1.Pay close attention to your inherent biases: likes and dislikes

2.Actively look to work with people that are different from you

3.Be objective; not governed by likes and dislikes

Are you able to put yourself under the microscope and view the #biases that exist?

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Virtual Team Building Event For A Global White Goods Manufacturing Company

Training landscape

While working virtually and being glued to our laptops, how many of us have missed conversations with our teams? Fun sessions where we could laugh and talk together?

Virtual Team building event

And this is where our client, a global white goods manufacturing company, reached out to us to conduct an outbound, fun-filled, team building event – virtually!

The pandemic has changed the way we interact with our social and professional ecosystem. This program exemplified this change

Shradha HRD solution

We ran a session with several fun activities and leveraged different aspects of technology to fulfil the twin objectives of teams having fun and bonding together. Participants worked together in teams, collaborated, shared ideas, creatively expressed themselves, and were fully engaged in the process!

virtual team events

Our activities inspired experiential learning on the following themes:

  • Ice-breaking and ‘getting to know you’
  • Building rapport
  • Team collaboration and interconnectedness
  • Overcoming perceptions and biases


Program feedback

The feedback for the session came with a request for repeat sessions for another team!!!!! The participants agreed that they absolutely enjoyed interacting with their colleagues beyond all the work-related tasks and everyday stress. Even though its not exactly the same as an outbound event, it came a very close second


We had a super time putting this program together and facilitating it too.

How do you test if you are an EMPATHETIC interviewer?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to check if you are an #empatheticinterviewer? A recent conversation with a young lawyer,about a job interview led to an insight on how interviewers can add to the “interview experience”

The #interviewee had an upcoming interview with a Tier 1 law firm. Despite having the necessary qualifications and experience, he had been unable to clear his last 3 interviews.

He reached out to me before his interview and revealed he was a #nervousinterviewee. His ask: “what should I say/not say during the interview so that I have a better chance of being selected?”

Over the years #ShradhaHRD has been involved with several interventions on #effectiveinterviewing and I did share my perspective on what an interviewee needs to do to showcase his/her profile.

A thought stayed with me for a couple of days; what can interviewers do to improve the process, beyond the general hygiene factors:

The #solution:

1.Do I do enough to make the interviewee comfortable? (this will vary based on nervousness levels)

2.Do I ask the interviewee the right questions to showcase his/her profile? (will need to be customized)

3. And FINALLY…did I give the interviewee feedback on their profile/interview? (if this is done, it genuinely helps interviewees and demonstrates empathy)

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Why WOMEN make better INVESTORS then men?

Do women get better returns on #FinancialInvestments or men? I asked 20 people this question. 18 out of 20 people, said….Men. Data tells us differently. Survey results released by #ETMoney on International Women’s Day:

1. Women investors were found to be more #disciplined while investing

2. Better adherence to #assetallocation, based on age than men

3. Stick to a systematic investment plan better, as compared to men

4. Over a 4 year period, women recorded #betterreturns on investment than men

5. In 2020, a challenging year for investors globally, women recorded returns of 14% on average while men recorded returns of 11%

A large percentage of women I know (including serious career women), shy away from handling their finances (me included, till a couple of years ago). This survey gives a clear reason why, we as women should step up and get involved in our #financialplanning. For me it was a little bit of a comfort zone to leave the stress to someone else. Once I started, I found it liberating. There was a sense of taking control.

I believe each of us should take up tasks based on our core competence but till we don’t try, how do we know how good we can be.

To all the super talented & intelligent women I know: stretch your #comfortzone and step up!!!!!!

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