Success Stories

An Intervention on Strategic Thinking and Looking at the Big Picture for a Real Estate Asset Management Company

The Landscape:
Our client is one of the largest real estate asset management companies in the world. They are set to double their Assets under Management (AUM) in the next 3 years. This program was for middle managers from across functions, in the organization.

There was a clear need identified, for managers to be able to move away from a transactional approach to a more strategic approach. Step away from everyday execution and look at the Bigger Picture.

The Challenge:
The organization was growing very fast, in an ever-changing landscape. This required managers to be able to look at the bigger picture and then take their decisions. There was a tendency with managers, to remain bogged down
at the execution stage and not be able to move to step back and look at the situation holistically.

The Solution:
The focus of the program was to give participants the necessary tools to look at the situation strategically, view the big picture and not get stuck in the fine print, the details. Using these tools, apply them to everyday situations at the workplace. We worked not just at the concept level but at the execution too.

The Impact:
Participants were able to apply “Big Picture Thinking” tools to challenging situations at their work. It allowed them to step back, reflect and map out a clear action plan for implementation. The program gave participants a safe space to review mindsets and strategize on how to implement the actual change on thinking strategically and looking at the big picture before taking decisions.