A Journey towards Self-Empowerment

We started a learning journey at hashtag#IIMLucknow, a couple of days ago. Amul S. Bahl, the founder of  Shradha HRD facilitated the session on “Building Capabilities to Realize Potential”. Based on 2 sutras from the Cipher, this session was a starting point, with endless possibilities to delve deep in one’s own self and broaden learning.

Conscious leadership and leadership with a conscience is critical today for a more humane and productive workplace. This is the over-arching theme for the learning journey.

The key session objectives were:

  1. To bring greater clarity to participants with respect to their own self
  2. Empowering self
  3. Understanding the karma matrix of essential and non-essential actions
  4. Tackling adverse results

The session focused on the linkages between the inner self, evolution and external achievements. Appreciating these linkages resulted in the cohort feeling more enlightened and confident of their inner selves.

We would like to thank Prof. Anita Goyal for organizing this session flawlessly. It was a fantastic start to the journey of inner evolution and external success!!!!!