Series on Stress Management: Managing Stress for Effective Work and Personal Growth

Sometimes even frayed tempers etc. can be symptomatic of stress induced circumstances. Should we just let the status quo remain or take active steps to ensure that we can create a positive environment both at work and at home.


Ben’s company wasn’t doing well. Productivity was down, profits were off, and stock prices were sliding. As is often the case, the trouble had begun in the executive suite with Ben and his board of directors. Ben’s temper was known throughout the company. His tantrums filtered down to the lowest levels of management and could set the company tone for several days following. Morale was low. Key employees were leaving, and those left behind were looking for a way out.

Ben’s temper was costing in other areas, too. His home life was troubled and his blood pressure was dangerously high. His physician thought Ben needed to control his stress and recommended a Behavioural Wellness Program. Ben refused.

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Horrendous traffic to and from work made Ben impatient, and most mornings he arrived at work in a foul mood that he took out on his employees. He got home at the end of the day in the same mood. One night his dog bounced out to meet him when he pulled into the driveway. Ben, short-tempered as usual, “nudged” him out of the way with the side of his foot. The dog, taking a cue from his master, nipped Ben and tore his pant leg. Ben’s wife and children further infuriated Ben by cheering the dog for having saved the household from “Godzilla.”

Ben finally got the message and followed his doctor’s advice. The Behavioural Wellness Program helped Ben identify the areas of stress in his life and gave him suggestions on how to deal with them effectively. He was able to get on top of the lion’s share of his stress simply by changing his schedule by coming in to work and going home an hour later, thus avoiding rush-hour traffic.

The results were measurable within a year: His company got back on track, its stock leapt, and Ben’s blood pressure had dropped to a healthier level. Eventually, he was able to discontinue his anti-hypertensive medication and reverse his company’s downward slide.