Series on Credibility: Standing up for your team-member

Many times managers rely on team members to deliver at short notice. And when the team members do exceed expectation, if the manager makes a special effort to highlight the same, it definitely makes his credibility go up a notch or two in their eyes and creates greater loyalty.

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A manager was once talking very highly of one of his direct reportee’s with his peers. This person had delivered a project very successfully overcoming some challenging obstacles. The standout factor was a creative way in which the contract was worked out with a software company. The company was put on the hook to take complete responsibility for delivery of the end product. As it turned out, two unforeseen issues caused high complexity. As a result, the contract-bound software company had to put their most expensive and skilled expert on the job and deliver the solution.


This manager wanted to showcase this project as a stellar example on the kind of leeway project managers have (and should exercise) while managing projects. He wanted to do this at one of their monthly Town Hall meetings. His boss would have none of it, since Town Halls were not meant for project training. The manager spent at least an hour arguing with his boss as to why this project should be presented. Needless to say, his direct reportee – the project manager and for whom the manager was fighting – was present during the whole discussion.

This was a good example of a leader building credibility in his team-member’s mind and winning loyalty as well.