You’re not stuck with the Brain you are born with: the Miracle of Neuroplasticity

During “Move Up”, a program series to empower women managers at a Global Consulting Company, a participant stood up and said the following:

“Even with the best intentions, I am unable to control my emotions when I perceive that someone is being unfair to me. I wish I could do something about my reactions. I’m just stuck with this issue.”

To me, this came across as a plea for help& not someone looking at finding excuses for their behavior. The lady was extremely talented & had done very well in her career so far. She felt this was a major stumbling block in her life.

We discussed the concept of Neuroplasticity and the research that now shows; we are not stuck with the brain we are born with. Science believed our brains were hardwired at birth. Now we can we can “will”our mind to change.

This was no longer about will power& #selfawareness, but was something that had been demonstrated through actual documented research.

The key to making this change is to pay attention to what you wanted to change. When you pay attention to “what” you want to change & you focus your mind on it, this can actually result in physical changes to the brain structure & make what you want, actually come to life.

In other words, when you envision your end goal, you — and your brain — can work towards recreating it real life.

Read on for some exercises to “Change the Shape of your Brain”…