Balancing the Right and Left Brain

Why would Tech companies want to hire people with a Humanities background? When I came across this article, I was intrigued.

The reason made complete sense. Technology has two aspects

1. One is the technical work that goes into making it such as codes and tools, and the other is the user’s end.

2. Technology is made for the use of humans, hence a thorough understanding of people is critical

Those with a background in liberal arts are seen to have a better understanding of customer needs and good communications skills.

The Left brain and the Right Brain needs to work in tandem

At Shradha HRD, we understand and acknowledged the need for going above and beyond technical degrees. We recognize the importance and centrality of the human element in every aspect of life.

Emotional intelligence and Empathy are at the heart of training designed by us. Communication skills, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Lateral thinking and many more are offshoots of the same. These help us hone and effectively utilize people skills for maximum results.