Series on Time Management: Document and build playbooks

How do we replicate and scale a successful model in diverse situations and circumstances? An important aspect of time management is also detailing tasks at hand, understanding what is necessary and what can be eliminated.


To understand what works, it is always a good idea to document how many times it did. For anything you do more than three times, write down your process in detail. Build playbooks that you can hand off to someone else, so they can execute something exactly the way you would. Never get held up by people asking what the next step is or whom they should ask about a process.

This is how Uber in particular scaled so quickly. They’ve grown to over 70 cities and they’ve killed it in all of them. How did they do it? With a playbook. They have a list of the things they do in every single city when they launch, with slight regional adjustments. They have practiced this method and tested it and wrote it all down. So now they just execute, like turning a key.