Last week we conducted a #webinar for 311 participants on #Unlockingcreativity.


Last week we conducted a #webinar for 311 participants on #Unlockingcreativity. Our client is a market leader in the Petroleum refining sector

There is an ongoing debate on #nature versus #nurture, with respect to #creativity.

Based on the results of an internationally validated creativity test:

The proportion of people who scored at the “Genius Level”

1.    amongst 5 year olds: 98%

2.    amongst 10 year olds: 30%

3.    amongst 15 year olds: 12%

4.    Same test given to 280,000 adults (average age of 31): 2%

These statistics clearly prove that Creativity is #inborn. It just needs to be allowed to nurtured and allowed to flower.

The #focus of our webinar was:

1.    What are some #barrierstocreativity?

2.    How can we retain our innate #creativeabilities?

3.    How do you enhance a creative #mind-set in everyday life?

4.    What can you do to unlock your inherent #creative potential?

Our #instructionaldesign teams had to allow their creative juices to flow, to make this concept come alive for a large audience in an #onlinetraining format

Our audience was fantastic: engaged, responsive and extremely interactive !!!!

A big Thank you !!!