Survival lessons from the COVID crisis

I choose to look at the silver lining in the dark clouds.

“The times that are most troubled are also the ones where we learn the most.” If we reflect on this maxim, I think it holds true for most of us!!!!!!

The current crisis is exactly the same. It should be a time to #reflect on what #life post COVID will be. What the skills we need to develop in order to thrive? What are the lessons for leaders from this crisis? What do organizations need to do in order to grow?

All of the above questions are causing a fundamental shift in the way even business schools evaluate success. Some important themes that are emerging are:

1. Its not just balance sheet management that is an important criterion for Leadership evaluation; stockholder welfare to stakeholder welfare is equally critical

2. How organizations treat their stakeholders during these difficult times gets reflected through the characteristics displayed by its leader

3. Leaders have some tough decisions to take during these difficult times, how they communicate these decisions to their stakeholders is going to be extremely crucial

4. Above all resilience, how do we shape up and take proactive steps to deal with this situation

This article has some interesting thoughts on how the current crisis is getting even business schools to change their curricula, sensitize potential managers to the changing world view and the new competencies needed to Grow in chaos

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