Why should it take a lockdown for us to embrace Change?

Work from Home was concept that was completely alien to Indian Companies. The lockdown changed all that!!!

For a work culture that’s taken pride in long hours, constant monitoring of productivity, and strict attendance, suddenly not being face to face proved a challenge. The initial days were tough.

CEO’s of several Indian companies initially expressed reservations on the entire WFH concept. Subsequently they realized that given the right policies, WFH actually worked in the organizations favour.

So what changed?

1. Shorter and more focused meetinghas led to an increase in Productivity

2. Measuring output instead of policing has produced higher levels of engagement

3. Flexibility in allowing people to work out their schedules has worked in favour of organizations

4. Commute time was spent on learning: personal & professional

The learning for me in all this is flexibility and openness to experiment and change should be a cornerstone of our work culture. We should not need a Pandemic to force us to experiment and uncover possibilities!!!!!!

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