Conducted a webinar on Influencing without Authority for a Petroleum Refining Company

We had a full house for the #InfluencingwithoutAuthority Webinar that we conducted for a Petroleum refining company.

It was pouring that day in Mumbai (where several participants had logged in from) and we anticipated connectivity issues, however the Technology Gods were smiling on us and the program went off without a hitch.

Most people believe influencing others is about casting a magic spell on the other person with slick talk. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to influence someone, there are 2 things that are critical, even before you enter the Influencing conversation:

1. The other person has to know that you have their best interest at heart

2. There must exist #Trust and a meaningful relationship

Influencing someone is not about brilliant oratory but really about striving for the elusive Win-Win

The participants who were managers from across functions in the organizations, often needed to #influence customers, key stakeholders & even teenage children. They felt it was 2 hours well spent & walked away feeling they had learn a valuable lesson in influencing.