Are you a habitual procrastinator? Did you know your brain is designed to help you #procrastinate…its not all your fault?

We often experience time having “run-away”, especially as we approach a deadline. Simultaneously, an internal voice tells us, we had enough time to comfortably finish the task, had we stuck to the plan.

Even though our #rationalmind swears, this is the last time this will happen…the story repeats itself. Why?

#neurosciencestudies have shown, the brain doesn’t like unpleasant tasks. It will take the easier option whenever possible. When faced with such situations, it sends out #painsignals to the body, just like when you are physically injured. This signal persuades you to #procrastinate and put off unpleasant/difficult tasks/

So what is #the solution: make your brain a friend.


#Discipline yourself to take the start difficult tasks. Once the 1st step is completed, the brain stops sending the pain signal. This will ease #internalresistance. Additionally there is a “high” generated after #task completion. This energy helps to complete remainder tasks.

#learning: schedule the most difficult/unpleasant tasks in the morning. Your brain will let you finish the rest as per plan.