What #competencies do organizations look for when #hiringleaders? I recently read an article which quoted statistics based on a survey done across 2500 executives in leadership positions.

70% of leaders surveyed rated collaboration&high #EQ as highly as strategy when hiring leaders for their teams.

Recently a senior executive being considered for the position of a CEO was turned down because he was running late & was very rude to the driver that had come to pick him up for the job interview.

Organizations are increasingly looking for traits like #empathy & # humility. Gone are the days when organizations looked for the Archetype A leader that was aggressive. More than even skills&experience, organizations are looking for leaders that are collaborative, accept their #weaknesses & look to #leveragingteammembers strengths

In the drive to achieve results in the short term, some organizations may overlook senior leaders riding roughshod over the emotions of team members, however this trend definitely changing.

Confirming this trend is the increasing number of programs we conduct on #emotionalintelligence and #collaboration

Slowly the value of controlling one’s emotions, demonstrating #emotionalintelligence & being #empathetic are emerging as competencies that companies prefer in their leaders.