Blueprint for Happiness – Part 8

We now come to the final portion of the Blueprint of Happiness. If we have set a goal according to the 2 conditions discussed so far and performed the right actions to work towards the goal, how should I behave if the results are not in line with my expectations? What kind of an attitude should I work with to be able to achieve my goals?

Part 08 of the Blueprint of Happiness series talks about the attitude of “Prasada Buddhi” to accept unfavorable results in life.

So far we thought that we need to add ‘things’, a car, a house, a holiday etc… to ‘become happy’. Now we know that we need to discover Happiness, which is our natural state. To do that we need to set our life goals based on the two conditions discussed & perform actions that lead to fulfilment of our goals. If on the way we get results as per expectations or exceeding expectations, it makes us happy and motivates us to work with greater vigor. If we get results which are less than what we expected, how do we deal with this unhappy situation?

This video discusses a simple technique called ‘Prasada Buddhi’ or the the art of acceptance to handle such eventualities. We perform actions to the best of our ability and accept the results as a blessing from the Lord. This attitude will help us accept unfavorable results and continue to work with renewed vigor. The concept of Prasada Buddhi has been explained with the help of a simple yet powerful corollary of going to the temple to pray.

When we work with the attitude of ‘Prasada Buddhi’, it reduces the cloud that veils our natural state of Happiness. It allows us to continue to work with renewed vigor and vitality, even when faced with unfavorable results. This helps us remove the cloud in our mind and discover Happiness which is our natural state.

Aananda Sutras is a video series that throws light on some of the critical questions that plague mankind. Discovering Happiness, Art of Forgiveness, Is the world an Illusion- Maya?, Does God give us the fruits of our action?… are some of the mysteries addressed by Amul.

Amul S Bahl, an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invented a unique topical use only set of protocols to treat different ailments. Under God’s Own Store, validating this ancient Yogic Science scientifically today has created a high impact alternative in healthcare.

Amul, as a founding principal of Shradha HRD, is a multi dimensional free thinking individual, believes in sustaining life through wisdom, light & urjaa (energy).