Integrity Series – Honesty pays

Is honesty another form of integrity? Small acts of honesty reaffirm faith in the integrity of mankind.

crafts fair

Once a lady, attended a craft fair in rural Minnesota. She kept coming back to the weaving booth, very taken with a particular blue pattern. So she decided to buy a table runner and four place mats. When she got home and unpacked her bag, she found that the weaver had included a card with care instructions. She also found that she had mistakenly put five place mats into the bag. She was glad to have it but felt bad that the weaver had not been paid for this piece of work. So she found the address of the weaver on the care instructions card and sent her a note with a cheque for the price of one place mat. When the lady received her bank statement a few days later she found that the cheque had been returned with a big ‘Thank You’ printed on the back. 🙂