Blue Print for Happiness – Part 2 contd.

Once we decide to analyze the reason for our unhappiness and have ascertained that the reason is an internal one.  The question, which we face is: “ If I am feeling unhappy, which Law of living that I have broken?” This is the starting point of our journey to Discover Happiness.

In Part 02 of the Blue print of Happiness series, it has been pointed out that the wrong answer to the equation in question was arrived at because of a mathematical law that we broke, the absurdity of trying to divide a numerical quantity by zero. Due to this absurdity, the result arrived at was also absurd. The aim of this exercise is to bring home the point that we arrive at absurd or unhappy results in life because we have broken a fundamental law of life. We need to examine our thought processes and our way of living to recognize where we are going wrong.

Aananda Sutras is a video series that throws light on some of the critical questions that plague mankind. Discovering Happiness, Art of Forgiveness, Is the world an Illusion- Maya?, Does God give us the fruits of our action?… are some of the mysteries addressed by Amul.
Amul S Bahl, an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invented a unique topical use only set of protocols to treat different ailments. Under God’s Own Store, validating this ancient Yogic Science scientifically today has created a high impact alternative in healthcare.
Amul, as a founding principal of Shradha HRD, is a multi dimensional free thinking individual, believes in sustaining life through wisdom, light & urjaa (energy).