Results of actions – Does God decide?

This video explores the concept of God as the giver of the fruit of our actions. Is there an external God that gives us the results of our actions? The speaker says that every action has a result inbuilt into it; the Law of cause and effect. The thought that God is the dispenser of the fruit of our actions is not correct.

For any action, there is a ‘Doer’ of the action and there is a ‘Thinker’ of the intent. The seeds of the result are sown in the action or the intent itself. We do not require any external God to come and give us the results of our actions. The action itself has the results inbuilt into it. God does not enter the equation of actions and their consequent result, this is determined by cause and effect.

Aananda Sutras is a video series that throws light on some of the critical questions that plague mankind. Discovering Happiness, Art of Forgiveness, Is the world an Illusion- Maya?, Does God give us the fruits of our action?… are some of the mysteries addressed by Amul.

Amul S Bahl, an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invented a unique topical use only set of protocols to treat different ailments. Under God’s Own Store, validating this ancient Yogic Science scientifically today has created a high impact alternative in healthcare.

Amul, as a founding principal of Shradha HRD, is a multi dimensional free thinking individual, believes in sustaining life through wisdom, light & urjaa (energy).