Is it possible to conduct training for Participants logged in Virtually and for Participants in the classroom…. Simultaneously?


This was an interesting question that popped up while we were designing an intervention to train ICC members on the finer elements of the POSH act, for a Global IT & Outsourcing company.

The answer that emerged was a learning that will stay with us…..forever. If you are willing to “Stretch” and move out of your comfort zone, you can achieve things that you never thought possible at first glance.

The challenging part for these interventions was to design a methodology that would keep participants engaged at both locations. We had to integrate the methodologies we use for Classroom training and Virtual training. The results were heartening!!!!!

We trained over 120 ICC members on the POSH Act, through 4 separate interventions, across India. During each of the interventions we had participants logged in from remote locations and participants sitting in class