Forgiveness and Happiness

This video talks about the relevance of forgiveness. The doer of the action will get the results of their action. That is the law of Cause and Effect. Forgiveness does not change that. Forgiveness unburdens the person who has been hurt by the action from carrying the hurt. They are able to get release from that hurt and pain. Forgiveness is the ultimate art of acceptance & moving on.

The concept of Forgiveness comes in when an action is performed and there is hurt generated as a result. If we look at Forgiveness fundamentally: there is an action that has been performed & the result of the action will accrue to the doer of the action. That is certain. Whether the doer of the action is forgiven by the person who has been hurt or not, the doer will still get the fruit of his/her action. That cannot be wished away.

Then how does forgiveness matter or help? Is it just a sham? Why is there so much talk and thought around forgiveness when in the ultimate analysis, it does not help the person being forgiven?

Forgiveness is for the person that has been hurt. If someone has been hurt, the person can either brood, plot revenge, hurt the person back or forgive. Forgiveness is the ultimate art of accepting a hurt & moving on. The person that forgives, will benefit. He/she is not burdened by the hurt. Forgiveness does not take away the consequences of the action for the doer, it just releases the person that carries the hurt from the pain of the hurt. Someone that is carrying the burden of hurt is always stressed out and in pain.

Forgiveness is not in the interest of the doer; it is in the interest of the person that has been hurt. It allows them to start living life, stress free and unburdened.