Giving to receive

That has been the phrase on my mind for a few weeks now. Yes, we really should give for the Joy of giving and not with the expectation of getting back. Altruistic giving – but that is not what I have been thinking about.

There are things that each one of us wants to receive at the work place that go beyond the tangible benefits of salary, designation, stability and status. It is the non-materialist things such as appreciation, loyalty, respect, commitment from your team members and other such things that are more elusive.

The more I think about it and dwell deeper into my prior experience as an entrepreneur and current one as team player, I realise that this rather basic mantra of “Give to get” could be a powerful beacon to practise #meaningfulness at work#.

So dare to give what you want most.

If it is respect from your team that you crave for, begin by respecting them in turn. A little empathy and insight into their trials and tribulations will help you develop respect for what someone brings to the table. If it is appreciation you crave for begin by appreciating someone else’s work. If you want to be understood, give it the best you can to understand. If you want to grow your business, help those around you grow theirs. If you want certain connections and contacts, share yours with others.

It never fails – the energy you put out will always recirculate and find its perfect way back to you. Giving and receiving are two halves of one circle, a circle that will encompass everything you hold dear- friends family, careers, progress, power. So chart your half of the circle by giving and the universe will chart the other to ensure you receive.


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