Blueprint for Happiness – Part 6

Our problem statement has now changed from “How do I become Happy” to “How do I discover Happiness”, which is my natural state. We need to work in a manner that allows us to discover our true nature which is 100% Happiness, 100% of the time. Part 06 of the Blue print of Happiness series is devoted to how we should Work to remove the cloud of ignorance and and to find the Sun of Happiness. To do this, one needs to identify a clear Goal in life and work towards achievement of that goal. This process, if done properly, will lead to discovery of our natural state of happiness. The goal to be achieved, needs to be set in a manner that is in tune with an individual’s desires also called swa-dharma.

The goal should be the one which the individual wants to achieve and finds pleasure in working towards. For example, if you are drawn towards a creative field and end up being an accountant, it will lead to misery. The second condition of the goal is that it needs to be 1 level higher than the individual’s need. The larger the number of people whose benefit you keep in mind while working towards your goal, the larger is the amount of energy that is available to you to work with. More the energy more the happiness.

Aananda Sutras is a video series that throws light on some of the critical questions that plague mankind. Discovering Happiness, Art of Forgiveness, Is the world an Illusion- Maya?, Does God give us the fruits of our action?… are some of the mysteries addressed by Amul.

Amul S Bahl, an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invented a unique topical use only set of protocols to treat different ailments. Under God’s Own Store, validating this ancient Yogic Science scientifically today has created a high impact alternative in healthcare.

Amul, as a founding principal of Shradha HRD, is a multi dimensional free thinking individual, believes in sustaining life through wisdom, light & urjaa (energy).