Fortune 500 CEO’S survey

Some results of the survey conducted by #Fortune surveying 500 CEO’s are shown on this infographic. It throws up some #interestingconclusions and #possibleinsights.

1. Just over 50% felt that #economicactivity will be restored only by Q1 2022

2. Around 50% felt that #businesstravel will never come back to pre-pandemic levels

3. 75% feel the pandemic will accelerate #technologicaltransformation

4. A quarter of CEO’s felt that 90% of the workforce will never come back to their #originalplaceofwork

5. Slightly less than 50% had no #layoffs

6. 50% have agreed to a cut in #compensation

7. One-third felt that #capitalspending would return to 2019 levels by 2021

Our world is currently experiencing unprecedented turmoil, which looks set to continue for the next couple of years.

We often can’t control the external environment, what we can control is the way we respond to the environment, internally.

My personal experiences have shown me, whenever I approach a situation with #hope and #optimism, the external environment mirrors the same!!!!!!!

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