A Learning Journey to Empower Women for the Next Level

The Landscape:
As part of their #DEI initiatives, our client who is a global 2 wheeler manufacturing company wanted to encourage, support and facilitate the growth of the women managers. The company has a global mandate to improve the gender ratio, especially at middle and senior management positions. The vision was to provide support to women internally, instead of hiring external resources, to meet the mandate.

#Womenempowerment, in every sphere of life, is a passion and a priority for us at #ShradhaHRD. We are a women dominated organization.

Our Solution:
To create a #learningjourney to #engage, #support and #empowerwomen from across functions.

This began with a detailed learning needs analysis, which threw up the following themes

1.   Drive to excel
2.   Propensity to lead
3.   Taking initiatives
4.   Stakeholder Management

The learning journey was spread across a 9 month period, which includes classroom learning, group coaching, a structured mentoring program and an internal project to immediately implement learnings at the workplace.

Program Impact:

Participants and their managers felt they had more confidence in their abilities to perform. They were able to delegate more efficiently. A key change that was noticed- increased skills to manage teams better and ask stakeholders for what they required, clearly and with confidence.

We are #committed to being a part of this fabulous journey, with these super talented women and helping them reach their #potential.

Transitioning from Campus to Corporate

Its always refreshing to train new entrants to the workspace. ShradhaHRD ran learning interventions for executives joining Automobiles, Pharma, Alco-bev, electronic goods, IT and ITES. This year, we covered the entire gamut.

What is refreshing about these programs is, often an hashtag#unconventional way of looking at things and a fresh and everchanging perspective to life.

Some themes that we see prominently reflected in GenZ:

1. A growing confidence to speak about what is on their mind and ask for what they need
2. An expectation of super-fast growth, coupled with ongoing learning
3. A need for constant newness/stimulation and some resistance to perform repetitive, everyday, mundane task
4. The need to belong (to a team, an organization)
5. Time to pursue their own interests (beyond work), often travel

While some of these hashtag#expectations might seem at odds with each other; we need to acknowledge the existing mindset. Only when we know and understand, can we work effectively.

For me, the one point that stood out was the strong need to belong and feel a part of a larger structure. This becomes tougher in a hybrid environment.

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