Success Stories

Plan for Success: Experiential program to build competencies on Planning & Execution for Area Service Managers of a large multinational electronics conglomerate

A series of programs for the entire service team was conceived, designed and executed by Shradha HRD. This exciting program was game based and completely experiential.

The key learnings drawn out from the program were:

  • Understand the importance of planning and executing, as opposed to execution and planning
  • Recognize the role Importance of each team member in achieving excellence in execution

We trained over 100 participants from across the country through this intervention. Every activity in the program was followed by a debriefing session through which participants drew out their learnings. Participants received feedback from the trainer and fellow team members, which helped them reflect on their working and execution style. This methodology helped them monitor the effectiveness of their plan, anticipate outcomes and develop contingency plans.