Success Stories

Case Study – July 2019

Training landscape:

Our client is a multi-national company developing and delivering technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production, and major manufacturing industries. There was a clear need felt to sensitize participants to embracing Diversity and being Inclusive. This event was part of the yearly meet for the entire function of 100+ participants that ranged from front line executives to the head of the team. Our participants were all engineers and a male dominate audience. The ask was to be able to drive learning but in a completely experiential and fun environment.

Shradha HRD solution:

We put together a series of well thought out experiential activities that allowed participants to come to critical insights around why it is important to embrace Diversity. In this program Diversity was defined as a difference in thought that could up due to any number of reasons. Themes of Unconscious biases and how it affects our decision making processes were explored. The program was high on energy, laughter, fun and learning.

Program feedback:

During the recap activity there was a clear sense that emerged on why Diversity is critical for personal growth, organizational productivity and for a general sense of fairness to all. Participants had a great time bonding and stayed on post completion of the program to extend the enjoyment of the session. The head of the vertical told the team of facilitators that he thoroughly enjoyed the program with the participants.