Success Stories

Customer Centricity: Program on Customer Centricity for managers of a Global Financial Major

Shradha HRD worked with a complete line of business at a large financial services technology and outsourcing services organization across their Bangalore and Chennai offices, on this intervention for enhancing Customer Centricity. We trained close to 50 participants through this intervention.

The objectives of this program were to:

  • Improve customer centricity and customer connect through emails and phone
  • improve the overall structure and format of writing to clients
  • reduce grammatical errors and use of ‘Indianisms” – words/phrases that may be unfamiliar to non- Indian nationalities
  • recognize cultural differences that lead to differences in communication styles

By the end of the intervention we observed a clear level 3 needle movement around the following areas:

  • Taking ownership and going the extra mile to understand and comprehend the complete background and the unstated background of customer inquiry.
  • Framing responses using a structured approach e.g. Numbers, tables, paragraphs, bullet points, etc. Confidential Shradha HRD Private Limited
  • Better understanding and adaptation to an American style of writing.
  • Dealing with difficult customer situations effectively: empathetic yet assertive approach.