Success Stories

Growing with Change: A successful “CHANGE” program for 70 managers

We successfully completed a project where we trained 70 managers of a business (from the head of the business to all the front line managers) on “Growing with Change”. The company it was conducted for is one of the largest HR outsourcing companies in the world.

This was conducted as an off-site program and was completely experiential in nature. Other than being an absolutely fun experience for the participants and giving them the opportunity to interact/brain storm as a group, it was a huge learning experience for the team. Some of the verbatim feedback we received from the participants was:

  1. I am going to use change model, I will keep on referring to it
  2. What I liked best about the program was the continuous awareness it brought about on change in our lives
  3. The program helped me Identify areas of change and implement ways for improvement in my team