Series on Time Management – Control of time

A lot of people feel content with their life, how it’s progressing and if it is what they expected it to be. They experience stress when they are not able to see that picture or are not satisfied with it. Take a look at the research study for a better understanding.


Many college students may find the academic experience very stressful (K. J. Swick, 1987).165 students completed a questionnaire assessing their time management behaviour’s and attitudes, stress, and self-perceptions of performance and grade point average (GPA). The study revealed 2 major findings. Students who perceived control of their time reported significantly greater evaluations of their performance, greater work and life satisfaction, less role ambiguity, less role overload, and fewer job-induced and somatic tensions. Findings are consistent with theory and advice on time management (e.g., R. S. Schuler; 1979) but also indicate that the dynamics of time management are more complex than previously believed.