Why do Good Managers have biases?

Why do managers have #favorites? To find the answer to this question, ask yourself a completely unrelated question: who are the people closest to you? Are they #similar to you or completely different? 9 times out of 10, we are closest to people that are like us: in demographics, outlook and often even behavior patterns.

As managers we display the same behaviors. We gravitate towards people that are like us and away from people that are different from us. There is a bias “towards” some team members and a bias “against” some team members. Sometimes this is a #consciousbias and sometimes it is happens, even without our knowing it: #unconsciousbias.

#Biases were possibly created when #primitiveman was in the jungles. His tribe were people that were #like him and were to be trusted. The others were not to be trusted and kept at a distance. This was necessary at that time, for survival.

Our survival isn’t at stake,however we have retained the same behavior patterns!!!!

How does one #removebiases?

1.Pay close attention to your inherent biases: likes and dislikes

2.Actively look to work with people that are different from you

3.Be objective; not governed by likes and dislikes

Are you able to put yourself under the microscope and view the #biases that exist?