Series on Time Management: How long a delay?

Procrastination concerns a person’s ability to meet deadlines hence temporal dimension is clearly important to this personality construct. Person’s with arousal motives, like the rush last moment gives to complete a task so they put it off until then. Avoidance motivation of procrastination pushes the person to keep aside the feelings of anxiety and hence the tasks associated to it. Read on to see that there are times that brilliant people work like this too but the ball will drop sooner or later. You cant get away with this all the time.


The last of “Five Good Emperors,” Marcus Aurelius ruled Rome from AD 161 to 180, when its empire controlled most of the western world. He was a great warrior and statesman, but is best remembered now as a philosopher. This is what he had to say about procrastination, in his famous Meditations: “Think of all the years passed by in which you said to yourself-‘I will do it tomorrow’, and how the gods have again and again granted you periods of grace of which you have not availed yourself.” 180 AD though, now, we do not necessarily think on the same lines.

Set aside a time to worry and be averse of the task at your disposal. As the deadline approaches however, get yourselves to work and be as efficient as you can. The great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed his most famous house at the age of 67—in two hours. Wealthy Pittsburgh businessman Edgar Kaufmann Sr. commissioned Wright to create Fallingwater, a house in rural Pennsylvania, in 1934. Wright visited the site in November and wrote to Kaufmann assuring him that he had been working on the plans, but had not actually drawn a thing.

So imagine Wright’s surprise when Kaufmann called him at home early on Sunday morning, on September 22, 1935, to announce that he would be visiting before lunch, and couldn’t wait to see the design. Wright calmly finished breakfast and, while a group of extremely nervous apprentices looked on, drew the plans in the time it took Kaufmann to drive up from Pittsburgh. This time the procrastination paid off: Fallingwater was listed as National Historic Landmark in 1966.