Series on Time Management: Plan ahead

Planning helps us in understanding the steps that need to be taken towards achieving our goals. Time management just ensures that we most appropriately divide our time between the specific activities so that we can accomplish the desired task at hand punctually.


To conceive and execute an idea step by step, it is important to bring future to the present. It helps in understanding what is more important to be done. It enhances the focus of one who ideate’s. It also helps him or her in not procrastinating or getting stuck.

Todd Henry is the Founder of Accidental Creative. He says, “My biggest method is to end with the beginning in mind. Whenever I’m working on a long-arc project, I always end every work session knowing where I’ll pick up the next day. I don’t procrastinate because I want to avoid the work, I often do it because I’m uncertain of the right next step. This tactic keeps me from getting stuck.”