Relevance of Vedic Knowledge

This video discusses the relevance of the Vedas in our life today. It explains the different parts of the Vedas and how the study of the first three parts can lead to external happiness or the improvement in the quality of our external life. However, the fourth part of the Vedas is meant for seekers of Happiness within and the study of this portion leads us to discover our natural state, which is happiness. This video series deals with what is written in the fourth part of the Vedas. The language used is not from the Vedas; it uses language we easily understand today.

The goal of mankind is happiness which is to discover its natural state. There are four Vedas and each Veda has four parts. The first three parts of each Veda (i.e. twelve parts in total) are a compilation of knowledge and experiences of various Sages and masters who were experts in their own field. These tell us as to how a situation in external environment can give man happiness; how Man needs to interact with nature become Ayurveda, how man interacts with man becomes Political Science etc.

Ayurveda is one aspect where we deal with how plants and other things that are found in nature could be used to bring wellness to man. There are certain Mantras in the first three parts which are meant to increase our happiness from the world outside.

However, some people, even after having accumulated external factors that contribute to happiness like health, wealth etc. do not feel completely fulfilled and happy. The fourth part of the Veda is meant for such people. It is the portion that deals with how to discover Happiness internally.

The fourth part of the Vedas has the 108 Upanishads. Assuming that each Upanishad is one way, then there are 108 ways to discover happiness. Each of these Upanishads teaches us how to remove the cloud and discover happiness internally and not accumulate it externally…So we are dealing with the topics of the fourth portion of Vedas more, their various aspects, their mechanisms.

Aananda Sutras is a video series that throws light on some of the critical questions that plague mankind. Discovering Happiness, Art of Forgiveness, Is the world an Illusion- Maya?, Does God give us the fruits of our action?… are some of the mysteries addressed by Amul.

Amul S Bahl, an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invented a unique topical use only set of protocols to treat different ailments. Under God’s Own Store, validating this ancient Yogic Science scientifically today has created a high impact alternative in healthcare.

Amul, as a founding principal of Shradha HRD, is a multi dimensional free thinking individual, believes in sustaining life through wisdom, light & urjaa (energy).