Series on Confidence Building – Self belief

Confidence is something that comes from within us. It is important thus, that we do everything we need to and feel good about ourselves. It does not matter what others might think about us. The first step to being confident is always being at our best and to think highly about ourselves.

Jim worked at a radio station all his life. He was a well-known and famous radio show host. He was one of the most confident individuals one would come across. He had an undeterred personality and would usually leave others in awe of his confidence and his self-belief.

All of his friends and colleagues knew him by one feature: if he’s on-air, he is always wearing a suit and a tie. They laughed at him: ‘No one ever sees you, why do you dress like that?’, but he always turned that into a joke. One day Jim was invited to appear on the TV. There was a show dedicated to the oldest radio employees. For the first time the people, who only knew him by his voice, would see him. Before the recording of the show, the director came to Jim and asked: “Usually you arrive on time, but today you are 10 minutes late. It’s not horrible, but I’m still interested, why?”

“You see,” Jim answered, “at the last moment when I was already dressed up, I noticed that I don’t have new socks. For the first time I was invited to the television, and I thought that simply wearing clean sock is not enough. It needs to be in new socks. So I needed to go to the store for socks.”

“But why do you need new socks?” The director was surprised. “You could have come without the socks, because we will be filming you only in close-up, over the waist.”

“You see, to be spotless on-air, I need to feel myself spotless in everything, starting with the shirt and finishing with the pen in my pocket. And if my socks have holes in them, or my shoes are dirty, I’m not spotless anymore.”