Case Studies

Do we really pay attention to #educatingeducators? When I was in school and college, I often wished that someone would educate our educators. I regularly thought about how the same lecture/topic could be made more interesting. That’s part of the reason I gravitated towards the learning and development domain.

I’m glad to see there’s serious thought going into this area now. On #InternationalWomen’sDay, we ran a webinar series for 1500 Women educators from a large Education Technology company. The theme was “Move Up”: helping women break their self-imposed constraints and boundaries, brand themselves more effectively and stand up to be counted.

One of our favorite themes at Shradha HRD: #Womensupportingwomen!!!!!

The feedback for the session came through a rather interesting route. A colleague has a daughter that takes classes with the same company. She logged into her regular session 10 min late and apologized for the delay. Our colleague asked, “You were attending the Move Up program?”. She explained she knew about the program because her company,#ShradhaHRD was conducting the webinar. The educator said, “Maam I just could not leave the session, it was so good” !!!

Comments like this lend more meaning to our work.