Emotional Intelligence and Millennials

This article echoes a situation we came across just before the lockdown. We recently had a request for a training program to help Generation X Managers develop a harmonious and more productive relationship with their Millennial team members.

During our Training Need Analysis, we came across 2 interesting findings.

1. Generation (X) Managers came from an environment where they had complied with their manager’s requests, without asking too many questions. They expected the same behaviour patterns from their Direct Reports

2. Generation (X) Managers had a stickiness to their organizations and often put their work before personal commitments. They expected the same from their team members

Our program design centred around the theme of Emotional Intelligence and the ability to Listen and see things from the other person’s perspective. Emotional Intelligence is also about the ability to put aside your “mind-lens” and view things from another person’s mind-lens.

You may not agree with everything the other person feels or says but at least you understand. This ability helps good managers and leaders respond to such situations in an empathetic and emotionally intelligent manner.