Moving the Human Resource Department from a support function to a Business Driver

The COVID 19 pandemic should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and not to slow down.

It sounds counter intuitive but I personally feel it rings true. The more I think about it, the deeper grows my conviction.

The Human Resource function has often been regarded as a support function. Thanks to the pandemic, it has now become a critical function.

1. To ensure business continuity

2. To prevent isolation

3. To provide a clear line of sight through ongoing communication

4. To balance economics and empathy

It is the HR department that has taken the lead… and its obviously an opportunity to take centre stage.

Some steps that the HR leaders at companies like HUL, Flipkart, Deloitte and Dunzo have taken include:

Continuous coordination with state governments and local authorities

Virtual bonding initiatives (like meetups, discussions, webinars and games) to boost morale

Engage more actively and intently with employees, without any agenda

Set up systems to Monitor employee productivity online through a structured work plan

Evolve a clear communication strategy,

Deploy digital tools like a 24×7 employee assistance helpline, i

Inspire employees to take voluntary pay cuts

These steps have been at the forefront of their respective company’s proactive response to the pandemic & the HR departments have been the face of the response

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