Program for a 2 Wheeler Manufacturer on Proactively Embracing Change, in line with a Changing Market & Ecosystem

Training landscape:

Our client is a multi-national company manufacturing 2 wheeler’s motorcycles.

The company was going through a change viz. its culture, there was a shift in strategy in which the focus was to become a niche player in the two-wheeler market. The leadership team felt there was a lag in reaching set goals as most teams were comfortable following their old approach to working and Communicating. Despite a comprehensive transition process having been kicked off the employees did not understand that in the new growth phase the processes had to be more structured and process driven. They needed to be more proactive in implementing changes as it was critical for the organizations next growth trajectory.

Shradha HRD Solution:

The program that we designed was around recognizing the importance of adapting to Change and Communicating effectively with teams to drive the Change. Some of the topics we covered during the session included –

  1. Recognize the importance of Change in our lives
  2. Sensitization to how the mind normally reacts to Change
  3. Successfully dealing with the new & embrace it as an opportunity to Grow
  4. Communicating effectively and Working together as a team to drive the Change

 Program feedback:

Participants felt that they were more comfortable with the idea of Change after they had the time to reflect on critical it was to drive the Change. The most important take away for them was the recognition that we naturally resist Change, its important to recognize that & deal with it.

Most individuals working in today’s world know how Critical change is. Yet there is a natural inclination to resist anything new and proactively embrace Change. Interventions like this are critical to support team members make the transition and proactively embrace Change and Growth.

Forgiveness and Happiness

This video talks about the relevance of forgiveness. The doer of the action will get the results of their action. That is the law of Cause and Effect. Forgiveness does not change that. Forgiveness unburdens the person who has been hurt by the action from carrying the hurt. They are able to get release from that hurt and pain. Forgiveness is the ultimate art of acceptance & moving on.

The concept of Forgiveness comes in when an action is performed and there is hurt generated as a result. If we look at Forgiveness fundamentally: there is an action that has been performed & the result of the action will accrue to the doer of the action. That is certain. Whether the doer of the action is forgiven by the person who has been hurt or not, the doer will still get the fruit of his/her action. That cannot be wished away.

Then how does forgiveness matter or help? Is it just a sham? Why is there so much talk and thought around forgiveness when in the ultimate analysis, it does not help the person being forgiven?

Forgiveness is for the person that has been hurt. If someone has been hurt, the person can either brood, plot revenge, hurt the person back or forgive. Forgiveness is the ultimate art of accepting a hurt & moving on. The person that forgives, will benefit. He/she is not burdened by the hurt. Forgiveness does not take away the consequences of the action for the doer, it just releases the person that carries the hurt from the pain of the hurt. Someone that is carrying the burden of hurt is always stressed out and in pain.

Forgiveness is not in the interest of the doer; it is in the interest of the person that has been hurt. It allows them to start living life, stress free and unburdened.

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