Success Stories

Advanced Facilitations Skills Training: A leading Japanese Auto manufacturer

Training Landscape:

Our client being one of the top 4 Car manufacturers in India, operates its manufacturing plants in Bidadi Karnataka with an employee count over 6000 people. Our client industries is known world wide for being a learning organization through relentless reflection and continuous improvement. They develop exceptional people and teams who understand , follow and live the company’s philosophy. They also have a culture of such leaders moving into a mentoring and training roles and teaching employees, new recruits and trainees. Hence, it is critical for our clientto have a learning journey to enhance the facilitation skills of such trainers who have organically grown into their roles.

Shradha HRD Solution/Methodology:

With its keen understanding of Androgogy ( Adult learning) and its research in neuroscience and human behaviour, Shradha HRD designed, developed and delivered a training intervention to help learning facilitators with our client, enrich their overall training effectiveness. The highly interactive program equipped trainers with skills and tools to make their training sessions brain friendly, engaging and impactful.

Training Outcomes:

This training intervention equipped trainers with a keen understanding of the challenges of Androgogy (adult learning). With exposure to various tools and techniques based on brain science and Human psychology, participants learnt facilitation and training methodologies that will help them efficiently meet the different needs, expectations and challenges of adult learning.

Participant feedback post the training was that they felt far more confident of being able to engage their trainees, even when they were training on technical and often “dry” topics that have little room for engagement.